Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cant Believe I am trying this again

Well everyone else blogs so I thought I would give this one more try. I am so excited to be going to Texas in April to see Sarah and the kids Bill will be away but he did pay for me to come and see my daughter and grandbabies. I am so excited to finally get to me Autum thats Lilys BFF. This has been a tought winter for me I have missed Sarah more than ever and have realized how short life is and how quick the years go by. I have always felt that family is the most important thing but I just feel this need to be with Sarah. I keep saying to God you dont want us to really pack up and go , what about my mom what about Liz and Jeremiah ,and the kids here.He keeps reminding me on a daily bases that he has something more. Why is it so hard to trust in the unseen, why after being a christian a good part of my life is it still hard to trust? I have seen God do amazing things in my life and the life of my children why would I even doubt that he would use me someplace else.
As strange as this seems I just cant get Autum off my mind,everyday I read Lacys blog and I am so convicted by her strenght,she seems to trust God with all of it and I have a hard time with just a little piece of it, Well as most of you know I have been a nurse for well my whole life but I have never worked much with children ,although I have always felt thats what God really wanted me to do (and I might add I am really fun around kids just ask my grandkids.....) I have never felt stronger about meeting someone as I do Autum kinda funny how God has His hand in all this I was not even going to be going to Texas as we are doing a vacation in Florida with Bill and Sarah ,Funny how God made the funds available and I was able to take time off from work and How Lacy has a hard time trusting strangers taking care of her child,God is this my calling are you asking me to go and help with Autum ,, I am asking that all you join me in prayer as I seek the Lords will in our life as I go in April Lord make it clear, maybe it not Autum but maybe some other child but I am asking the Lord for direction..
Did I mention that I have 3 amazing grandchildren here .....

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