Friday, November 14, 2008

Crazy Days

Well returned home from Texas yesterday well actually last night,with a million thoughts racing through my head. When I held my new granddaughter Lily Grace a overwhelmong feeling came over me one I wont even try to understand.God is good. We are so blessed to have a healthy granddaughter,I could just look at her forever.Then there is Gabe each time I spend time with him I love him more and more. I dont ever want the days to end .He keeps me busy painting,coloring watching cartoons,playing outside,watching cartoons watering the flowers ,eating candy and did I mention watching cartoons...I love his tiny hands wrapped tight around my neck I love his pouty face saying but I dont want you to go back to NY,,I had a amazing time just chillin with Sarah and Bill beating Sarah at WII bowling (NOT) she is the pro bowler.And Bill well he can really hunt out the bad guys,,,We laughed ,cried and ate way to much, but God is good.I love this family more than life ,I want to be there to do all the things a Gea does and all the things a mom does,now I am at a crossroad do we pack up and go to Texas and be with them part of the year and be with our NY grandkids the other part,who I might add are pretty amazing too. Why after all these years of trusting God for everything why Am I having such a hard time with this one .After all he has always given us more than we deserve.Life is good but life can be hard.